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In Him

Prophecy Update: BIG Trouble Coming to America!

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 5/12/21

Prophecy Update – The “Transitory Hyperinflation” Catalyst

Prophecy Update – A Matter of Time

Exodus 20:2-3: Can A Nation Survive Without the Lord?

13 Reasons Why We Live in the Last Hour of Human History, Part 1

Introduction to Romans – Called to Be (Part 4)

Daniel Chapter 12 – How the ‘Bad Part’ Ends

The Book of Daniel Chapter 2:1-23 – Man vs God

Prophecy Update – Current Events – (5/8/21)

Why Is This in The Bible?

Who Is the Master of Manipulation and Deception?

Christians in An Era of Global Crisis

Prophecy Update: The Reengineering of People

Prophecy Update: As It Was in the Days of Hitler, So it is Today

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 5/5/21

Revelation Chapter 10: Have We Reached the End of God’s Patience?

Resting in Hope

God In America

Prophecy Update – The Plan

Prophecy Update – Current Events – (5/3/21)

The Antichrist, Who Is He and Where Did He Come From?

Revelation Chapter 9 – The Underworld

Prophecy Update: Current Events (5/1/21)

Just Wait – You’ll See!

Prophecy Update: Beware of False Prophets

Living on Borrowed Time

Prophecy Update: The Great Apostasy – What to Do!

Prophecy Update: Another Coming Crisis!

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 4/28/21

The Book of Daniel Chapter 12: When is it going to happen?

Revelation 1:17-20 – Preparation for Judgment

Prophecy Update – Spiritual Zombie Infection

Prophecy Update: Good News and Bad News

Introduction to Romans – Called To Be (Part 3)

Addicted to the Beast System

Prophecy Update: Get Ready, It’s Going to Get Worse

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 4/21/21

Those Causing Division

Daniel 1:8-21 – The Confidence of Un Compromise

Revelation Chapter 8: Better Get Right with Jesus

Prophecy Update: Satanic Propaganda

The Tribulation Chronicles Episode 3: War, Famine, Death and Hell

Introduction to Romans: Called To Be (Part 2)

Racing Towards Tyranny

Prophecy Update: Approaching

Where Are We on the Prophetic Timeline of the Last Days?

Prophecy Update – “Does Biden Hate Israel?”

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 4/13/21

Discernment during Perilous Times

The Doctrine of Heaven

Prophecy Update: Current Events (4/13/21)

The Doctrine of Hell

Introduction to Romans: Called to Be

Prophecy Update: Current Events (4/10/21)

Curtain Closing: The Final Act of World History


Prophecy Update: Is This the End of America?

The Book of Daniel – 1:1-7 – S.W.A.T. (Satan’s Weapons and Tactics)

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 4/6/21

The Tribulation Chronicles – Episode 2: The Lie

Prophecy Update: Current Events (4/5/21)

Bible Prophecy Update – Coming to a Head

He Has Risen

For Such A Time As This

Prophecy Update – Current Events – (4/3/21)

Prophecy Update: The Savior is Coming

When These Things Begin to Happen

Revelation Staying Prophetically Alert – Session #1

Prophecy Update: Palm Sunday – The Shadow of Things to Come

The Rapture Under Attack!

Bible Prophecy Update – Sitting On The Fence

Revelation 1:9-20 – The Reality of Accountability

Prophecy Update: Current Events (3/29/21)

Returning – Palm Sunday

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines  – 3/28/21

Satan’s Man In The Shadows

Prophecy Update: Current Events (3/27/21)

Why? Why? Why?

The Strategy: Deceive, Divide, Destroy

Revelation 1:5-8 Our Biblical Identity for Our Purpose and Destiny

Prophecy Update: Approaching Apocalypse

Who God saves in the Tribulation

While We Wait for the Rapture

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 3/23/21

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 3/23/21

The Antichrist, Who Is He And Where Does He Come From?

Prophecy Update: The Tribulation Temple Is Gaining Support

Prophecy Update: Passover

Bible Prophecy Update – The Devil is in the Details

The Tribulation Chronicles Episode 1: A Message from the Missing

The Book of Revelation: Is This the End?

Aliens and the End Times Deception

Prophecy Update: Current Events (3/19/21)

A Coming Global Reset

Millions Missing: Where Did Everyone Go?

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 3/18/21

Happening Now: Challenging Times

Prophecy Update: Mideast Powder Keg

Prophecy Update: Why is “Deuteronomy 22:5-ism” Being Forced on Society?

Prophecy Update: Current Events (3/14/21)

Approaching: “Times of the Signs”

Prophecy Roundtable – The Rise of the One-World Religion

Bible Prophecy Update – How It’s All Going Down

CERN and Bible Prophecy

Setting the Stage for an Evil Emperor

Bible Prophecy Update – The End Times

Prophecy Update: When You See These Things!

Prophetic Perspectives: 10 Top Prophetic Trends

Mini-Prophecy Conference – Session Three – 3/7/21

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 3/9/21

On Trial – The Wicked Are Not Getting Away With Anything!

Mini-Prophecy Conference – Session Two – 3/7/21

Mini-Prophecy Conference – Session One – 3/7/21

Bible Prophecy Update – Be Ready!

Prophecy Update – Current Events – 3/7/21

Prophecy Update: A Dystopian Nightmare

Could Could Vladimir Putin be Gog?

Could Pope Francis be the False Prophet? 

Could Emmanuel Macron be the Antichrist? 

The Judgment Seat of Christ

The Lord Will Provide A Lamb

It’s Time to Get Your Affairs in Order

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 3/3/21

Prophecy Update: Why All the Division?

Prophecy Roundtable: The World After the Rapture

Prophecy Update: She Will Be Taken Back to Babylon

25 Signs We Are Near the End

Bible Prophecy Update – 2/28/21

Parable of the Tares – Continued

The Ministry of Truth has Arrived

We Will Not Be Silenced

The False Counter Sowing is Being Revealed

Prophecy Update – It’s Already Here

The Great Gain of Godliness

CommonPass – Your New Digital Health Passport

Bible Prophecy Update – “Coming Soon”

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Prophecy Update Top news Headlines – 2/22/21

Prophecy Update – Current Events – 2/21/21

The Book of Revelation: Introduction and Chapter 1

The Prophetic Coalescing of Evil in the Last Days

Prophecy Update – Current Events – 2/20/21

Revelation 1: Staying Prophetically Alert

The Parable of the Tares

Pope Francis: The Vicar of the New World Order

Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 2/18/21

Prophecy Update – Almost There

Believe It, or Not

Revelation Chapter 6: So It Begins…

Prophecy Update – Divide and Conquer

Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 2/15/21

When We Need the Strength of the Lord

Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 1/30/21

Israel: The Number #1 End Time Sign

Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling

After the Rapture – Left Behind!!!

The Rapture and the Thief in the Night

Watch Us On Rumble